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Pyxel is a Digital Agency that loves all aspects of Web Design, Website Development, SEO, App Development and everything in between.
Our projects enhance worth, engagement and visibility of start-ups, SME’s and large enterprises.

responsive web design

Web Design Services

Pyxel execute thorough planning and successful functionality in order to produce web design services that achieve greater than the client’s expectations. Our in-house team of experts specialise in web design services, which means Pyxel provides you with high quality web design services to enable you to grow your business.

mobile app development

App Development

With the increasing trend of traffic being driven via smart phones, more businesses are implementing mobile app development to market their businesses. Our in-house mobile app development experts possess a variety of skills to enable them to create and develop visually stunning and highly complicated iOS and android apps.

software development

Software Development

Whether you are looking for a simple or highly complicated software development with complicated features, our in-house team of software development experts create user friendly systems. Some of our portfolio of software development includes back-end panels, complicated inventory systems, Mobile App Web Services and databases.

content management system

Digital Marketing

There is no point creating a website that does not derive traffic and results via digital marketing. Therefore, Pyxel highly recommends digital marketing when we get an enquiry for a website. Digital marketing can produce leads and results using PPC (Pay Per Click), SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SMM (Social Media Marketing).

Whatever your Requirements and Whatever your Budget, we will Accommodate all your Needs. We Believe in Quality without Compromise.

custom web design

Responsive Web Design

Our team of in-house developers will automatically build your website based on a responsive web design, which not only looks sleek but is also user friendly and easy to navigate through. The main reason for having a responsive web design is to ensure that your website will load in a proper manner on any devices such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets etc. our designers and developers work together to ensure that top responsive web design services are provided. We are able to meet the most complex requirements and produce a responsive web design that best suits your business needs.

Once the responsive web design is complete, Pyxel then undertakes rigorous testing for many days to ensure your responsive web design is accessible, error free and is ready to ‘go live’. We want to make sure that we provide the most satisfactory responsive web design service and as a result, we also provide support based on contract basis and/ or ad-hoc basis.

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E-Commerce Website Design

Pyxel does not only create beautiful websites but also create and develop e-commerce website designs that allow business to sell their product and/services online. There is an increasing trend of people who prefer to purchase product/services online from an e-commerce website design. Gone are the days of queuing and waiting to purchase products and/services in store or on the phone. Due to this, we now have increasing numbers of clients wanting to obtain our e-commerce website design services to market their businesses effectively.

With the increasing demand of e-commerce website design services, we now have a team of in-house experts specialising in e-commerce website design. Our team of designers and developers work hand in hand to ensure that the e-commerce website design services including the payment system is error free and user friendly. Pyxel further ensures that your e-commerce website design is always responsive so your clients can purchase your products and/services using other devices such as mobile phones and tablets etc.

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ecommerce web design

Business Website

As a company, we aim to design and develop sleek and user friendly business website for our commercial clients. It is imperative to have an effective and a great looking business website as it is the main source of communication between your clients and yourself. Whatever your requirements are, we ensure we help your business website grow and reach more people using digital marketing and social media marketing.

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Management System

When we create a website, software or a mobile app for your business, we always advise you to take into account the importance of a content management system which gives you the benefit of adding, deleting and amending the content on your chosen platform. A content management system is usually a back end database system that allows you to change the content as much as you like.

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Website Maintenance Services

Pyxel endeavours to create and develop satisfactory websites that run smoothly for as long you wish to run your website. Our website maintenance team ensures that your website is error free and does not crash at a later stage. With every website Pyxel provides website maintenance services free for 30 days after the website is live. We also provide website maintenance services on contractual and ad-hoc basis.

social media marketing

Graphic Design and Branding

Whether you wish for us to create a new website, software or a mobile app for you, graphic designing and branding plays a vital part in making your business stand out. Whether you are a new business or a well established company, our graphic design and branding team turns your vision into reality. If you have not thought about branding, please do not worry.

We sit down with you and take down all your requirements. Our graphic design and branding team will then come up with beautiful and sleek graphic design and branding ideas to help showcase your business and its objectives. At this stage we can tweak the designs as much as possible to find the perfect graphic design and branding idea to suit your business. Our graphic design and branding team uses a plethora of skills so whether you wish to go for the simple look, classy look, modern look, visually stunning graphics look, our graphic design and branding team can design it all.

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search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Unless you already have a big client base, simply creating a website will not generate traffic. One of the best ways to increase traffic on your website and thus results is by implementing SEO on your website. SEO is simply a way to rank your website on popular search engines such as Google. If someone searches for a particular product and/service (keyword) they are looking for, they will simply search for this in Google.

If your business website link is on the first page of Google, more people will tend to click on your website link. This means that there are more chances of people (traffic) clicking on your website link. The more people that will visit your website, the more sales you will achieve. Although SEO is time consuming as our in-house SEO experts will have to create keywords and content, once the keywords are ranked, the leads will not stop coming.

The more content there is on your website, the better your website will rank on Google.

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search engine marketing

social media optimization

Social Media Marketing

Another great and effective way to generate more traffic to your website/app is to join social media marketing. The latest trend of social media marketing has taken businesses to the next level by storm. As more and more people are always using social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, snapchat, LinkedIn etc, it is important to target this kind of audience to achieve results. There are two ways Pyxel helps you implement social media marketing to target your audience. As part of your website we will give you the option of adding social media links to your website to tell client that your business is already on these popular networks.

The first method is to create the relevant social media pages of your choice and then for a small fee we will train you on how to set campaigns up and how to generate traffic. Some of our clients prefer this method as it is cheaper and they have the flexibility of setting up campaigns when they want. However, some of our client prefers to pay us monthly fees to set up a number of campaigns and post them on their choice of social media marketing networks. The designers together with social media marketing experts produce effective campaigns on our clients’ behalf.

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Content Marketing

Content Marketing in a nutshell is writing as much content as possible to help your website rank better on Google. Google loves websites that has fresh new content and which is being shared by people. The way to execute successful content marketing is by adding lots of text to your website by way of informing people and by blogging. The more content your website has the better and higher it will rank on Google.

Pyxel will look after your content marketing needs and ensure that your business is on the first page of Google to help your business generate more traffic (visitors). The more traffic that will visit your website, the more results/sales your business will achieve. The more sales your business achieves, the more it will grow. By using content marketing, Pyxel has helped many businesses transform from a small business to a large company. As a result, more and more people are approaching us to help them grow their business using content marketing.